An Angel Beast is born!

Angel Beast, Dharma Banana Sessions, The Cumberland Arms 4th Sept 2016. Colin Lee, Liz Panton, Jeff Moore 

For a long time, Angel Beast was little more than a twinkle in the eyes of Jeff Moore and Colin Lee!

  • Angel Beast was formed in Newcastle upon Tyne early in 2016.  The number one priority at that time was to have a band ready to play at Jeff's birthday party in June.

  • Jeff Moore and Colin Lee had been writing and performing together for about 15 years, most notably with their earlier band The Morellos (Jeff Moore, Colin Lee, Jon Lee (no relation) and Lesley Booth). From time to time over the last 10 years, Jeff and Colin have performed as "Angel Beast", sometimes with Liz Panton on electric ukulele. 

  • Liz Panton now adds Bass Guitar, vocals, electric ukulele and her own songwriting to the mix. Better known as a solo singer-songwriter of the ukulele persuasion, Liz is taking the four-string-thing into hidden depths! 

  • Arlene Rose brings the wild and quirky sounds of her Melodion to some of our songs, taking a break from her regular role as violinist with The Moonshine Stragglers.
  • Stephen Todd, Jeff's old school friend, has his own band in Gateshead. Stephen has been adding some great beats, pending touchdown of our regular maestro of the sticks - to be announced shortly.

  • Kenny Lawrence is more than a Band Manager, providing musical and vocal mentoring and contributing to arrangements. 

Angel Beast - no longer just a flight of fancy!

  • What next? We are looking for someone bring another pleasingly unexpected element . . . maybe a violinist . . . saxophonist . . . a keyboard player or precussionist, perhaps? 

Angel Beast

Jeff Moore: Guitar, vocals, harmonica, songwriting

Colin Lee: Guitar, vocals, bass guitar, songwriting

Liz Panton: Bass guitar, vocals, electric ukulele, songwriting

Arlene Rose: Melodion

Stephen Todd: Session Drummer

Band Leader: Jeff Moore

Manager: Kenny Lawrence

Web stuff: Liz Panton