Angel Beast Band - How we met


Jeff and Colin

  • met many years ago when they were both involved with a Community Photography Group in Newcastle.  Colin is now a professional photographer while Jeff spent some time as a photo editor with The Journal.
  • They were encouraged to start writing and performing songs by Italian musician and record producer friend Matteo Dainese. Matteo recorded them as The Bikini Bandits, producing "Gumbo Soup", "My Horse Pulls Down The Moon", "Zoppo" and other songs in Italy and releasing them on CD and web streaming. The chance (promise? threat?) of an Italian tour is still on hold due to Jeff and Colin's family commitments.
  • The Bikini Bandits morphed into The Morellos when they were joined by Jon Lee, a close neighbour of Jeff's in the Byker Wall.

Jeff and Stephen

  • have remained friends from their schooldays together in Rowlands Gill, sharing a love of music and sense of humour. 
  • However, this is the first time that they have played together in a band.

Liz met Jeff and Colin

  • in 2007 through the magic of the ukulele!  She wandered by chance into The Cumberland Arms one Thursday evening when George Welch's Ukulele Allstars session was in full swing. 
  • A few short months later, Liz was invited to join Jeff, Colin, Kenny Lawrence and several other ukulele rebels in the punk ukulele band, "P'Uke". She has never looked back!
  • Liz (aka "Ukulele Allsorts") is now involved with ukulele sessions, workshops, bands, festivals and performs as a solo singer-songwriter. (Those school poetry prizes back in Wales were a harbinger of things to come!)

Kenny Lawrence

  • was a big fan of The Morellos! Another close neighbour of Jeff's and Jon Lee's in the Byker Wall, Kenny was also one of the first friends Liz made when she joined the Ukulele Allstars. 
  • Kenny has been a professional singer and performer all his life, first appearing at The City Hall ("Newcastle's Premier Concert Venue"!) at the age of four, singing solo for the Lord Mayor's Concert.  
  • After obtaining a degree in Performing Arts, Kenny toured the world as a dancer and singer and has some stories to tell . . . like the time he motorbiked across France with . . . let's just say "the most respected and sensational female pop star of her time!"  . . . and then at Woodstock he . . . sorry, you will have to ask him yourself!

Arlene met Jeff, Colin, Liz and Kenny

  • through the web of musical connections spinning out from The Cumberland Arms, renowned music and real ale pub in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne. Arlene is an old friend of George Welch, from well before George began his love affair with the ukulele! 
  • Arlene is best known for her violin playing with The Moonshine Stragglers but we would love to been there the time she and a friend performed as "Go Go Dancers" for George's band "The Cheap Sunglasses Serenaders"!

An Angel Beast was born! 

For a long time, Angel Beast was just a twinkle in Jeff and Colin's eyes!  

While they continued to write songs together, Liz struck out alone, developing her skills as a singer-songwriter, in large part thanks to Kenny's encouragement and mentoring. 

More recently, Kenny has been putting Jeff, Colin, Arlene and the whole band through their paces.  

With the support of Kenny's extensive performance and music-biz know-how, Angel Beast is no longer just a flight of fancy!