Spring in the air!


So far this year we have:

  • gained a new band member, talented multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan Robson, on Cajon and Percussion
  • played some new venues
  • rehearsed and recorded at Polestar
  • written several new songs
  • done two photoshoots
  • revamped this site, our YouTube Channel, Facebook Paage, Twitter account and set up pages on Music Glue and Reverbnation.


Lots of Practice Sessions with new band member Jonathan Robson aka "Arid Fool" playing a new instrument with us, a Cajon!



Jonathan got up to speed with our songs very quickly, playing at Jonny Boyle's Session at The Tyne Bar on the 1st and the Dharma Banana on the 6th. Before we went on at The Tyne, our lovely friend Clara Crivellaro dragged us out into the freezing cold and wind and took masses of great photos under the arches between the Tyne Bar and the Ouseburn Barage.





The Dharma Banana Session in March was on Liz's birthday and she got a pair of wings to wear on stage playing with Angel Beast!



She was still wearing them when we played Bar Loco nearly two weeks later! And stealing them for her solo ukulele slot!




Awards time! "Top Banana" for Best Alternative Band at the Dharma Sessions! 



Then another good night at Jonny Boyle's Session at The Tyne Bar. 




Then another photoshoot! Luckily we thrive under pressure!



Clara herded us up and around the Ouseburn Valley and took some stunning photos for us!



"Fishfinger Frank" Kay recorded us at Polestar Studios and we have posted his mixes on YouTube and Reverbnation. 



Ken Beast

We would like to thank Kenny Lawrence for his continued support over the last few months when he has actually been feeling quite poorly!